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Yahoo SiteMatch

What is Site Match?

Sitematch is Yahoo's Infamous new PFI/PPC program, This is their major effort to make the site owners bankcrupt through their PFI and PPC for a site, This is particularly for customers who fear they may be left out of Yahoo’s SERPs, Overture launched the Site Match product in March 2004. The Site Match service is the assured way of listing a webpage. But it does not guarantee a good page position.

Working of Site Match
To use the Site Match product, the customer has to sign up by paying an annual fee for quality review of submitted pages. Once reviewed and accepted into the program, the URLs are included in the index that powers search results for Site Match partner sites such as Yahoo!, AltaVista, AlltheWeb and others, providing access to over 75 percent of active Internet users. When Internet users visit the Site Match partner sites and enter keyword searches, the listings will appear within the search results based on their relevance to the user's search request. When a user clicks on a Site Match listing in search results, the page owner has to pay a cost-per-click fee for that lead. The URLs are refreshed (re-crawled) every 48 hours to ensure that the most up-to-date content is available to search users. At end of one year, the annual subscription renews.

Site Match Pricing
When you initiate your Site Match subscription, a non-refundable annual review fee is charged per domain, per URL for setting up your account and for quality review of your pages.
Once your pages are accepted into the program, a cost-per-click fee is charged for each lead driven to your site.

URL Submission (non-refundable annual fee, per domain)
First URL: $49
Next 2-10 URLs: $29 each
11th URL and beyond: $10 each
Cost-Per-Click Fee
Tier 1 Categories:
Computers & Software
Education & Career
Entertainment & Attractions
Jewelry & Watches
Music & Video
Sports & Outdoors
Toys & Baby Equipment
Tier 2 Categories:
Financial Services
Flowers, Gifts & Registry
Health, Beauty & Personal Care
Home & Garden
Professional Services
Real Estate
Telecom & Web Services


Distinctions between Site Match and Pay-for-Performance

Site Match Pay-for-Performance

• Web page submission program
• Listings appear in the main body of the search results page
• Position determined by the relevance of your site content to the user's search request
• Listings automatically generated based on your Web page content

• Paid listing advertising program
• Listings appear in the sponsored search results sections of partner sites
• Position determined by bidding on a specific keyword
• Advertisers create listings by writing titles and descriptions

• It is a fast and easy submission process The web pages appear on leading search engines such as MSN, HotBot, Overture,, and Excite within 72 hours of joining.
• By submitting to Site Match, the web pages are included into a database that powers search results for multiple engines and portals, including Yahoo!, AltaVista, AlltheWeb and others
• No need to resubmit. Inktomi will re-crawl your subscribed web pages every 48 hours, reflecting any changes you make to your web pages very quickly. The impact from any changes can be seen within days rather than months
• A quality review process that provides search users with highly relevant results, as well as additional targeted leads to the Web sites approved for inclusion in the database Thus it requires less account management and saves your time.
• High return on investment (ROI) with a low annual subscription fee and cost-per-click pricing model
• A dedicated account representative and convenient XML feed for advertisers submitting 1,000 or more Web pages
• Your web page submission guarantees that subscribed pages are in the Inktomi database for 12 months.
• Detailed Click-Thru and Keyword Reports updated every 24 hours. You'll receive fresh data about how many clicks your pages are receiving, what keywords people are finding you for, and how your pages are ranking. Use this detailed reporting information to improve your pages and optimize program performance
• More exposure for your site - reach more than 75% of active internet users.

1. A paid inclusion is treated similar to a non-paid listing. The difference is that a paid inclusion is guaranteed a listing. But it is not guaranteed a rank. If your page is not relevant, the page may end up being listed on, say, the hundredth page. So paying doesn’t help in such a case.
2. The price for adding URLs is definitely high. As if the annual subscription is not enough, one has to pay for every click.
3. Once the subscription is over, chances are that your ranking may drop.

Yahoo Webrank


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