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SEO Home » Google Articles » Safe Linking In Google


Some useful tips on getting safe inbound links and going for safe reciprocal links,:

Dos and Dont's of link Building for Google,

Dont participate in any Free-for-all link schemes, all those techniques are not good anymore,

Dont save your links page as links.htm or links.asp, instead you can use names such as link-directory, related resources, related SEO resources, resources etc,

There has been discussions on top search engine forums on whether Google penalizes pages saved as links.html or whether they ignore them,

My point is Google identify's the page as links.htm and ignores the page from showing as backlinks, but the anchor text power is passed over definetely, I found this after a lot of analysis,

I can speculate one solid reason on this links page myth,

Say you have a page with the named links.htm, That page can be just built for links or it can also be a really good resource page, Some people who want to refer good resource sites tend to name the pages as links.htm or links.asp, So if google totally ignores all pages named like this, then they will miss out lots of useful links,
So Google just take the power of the anchor text and the PageRank(PR) of links and just pass it over, but they prevent it from showing as backlinks( one more thing I have seen is they prevent PR being passed too but that link is counted as a vote) , This is a valid reason and this is what the Google engineers should have had in mind before implementing this kind of tactics, There is no reason this is wrong,

There is a similiar case where anchor text links from irrelevant sites( any page ) do pass the anchor power but dont show up in backlinks, There is a valid reason for it, Any site owner has the right to refer a site with any anchor text they want from any page they like, this is the law of internet, Say you like a site about ice creams but you have a real estate site will you just ignore refering the site because search engines dont like, As a end user many are not aware these links are valued by search engines, You just refer that site as say "best site for ice creams" in anchor text, so do you think Google should ignore this, NO if they do then their wish to crawl most of the web will only be a dream,

They can do 2 things on this case, one prevent PR being passed and other showing the link as backlink, But they should count the ANCHOR TEXT as a vote and the link it self as a vote,

I am thinking almost the same way what a Google Engineer should have thought before writing an algorithm for this, I may be wrong but when you sit and give a thought on how Internet works you can come out with a solution,

Always try to keep your links On-topic, Ontopic links are favoured by all the search engines and it helps Search Engine Optimization a lot, Especially Google gives a lot of weight to links from On-topic sites, A themed relevance is a big boost in all the search engines,

When identifying the themed relevance of a link Google takes into account the title ,content ,anchor text of the page and the actual link of the text. If you are dealing with a really niche market it is hard to find good linking oppurtunities,

Always take the opportunity on inbound links and request sites linking to you to use your keywords in the link text.

That doesnt mean I say dont get links from irrelavant sites, All links are useful but On-topic links carry more value,

Avoid crosslinking between sites that are in the same IP range,

I have seen the following instances,

Instance - 1. Clients having their own server and running many related sites on just a single IP, actually it is a shared hosting different sites sharing the same IP this type of technique is easily detectable by search engines and there is a high change of penalty here,

One of my client who came to me- he has hosted 15 sites on the same IP all sites related to a single topic, say it is about real estate and he crosslinking them, 14 of his sites were penalized and given a PR0 and only one site was valued and the PR of it is 4,

Instance - 2. There had been discussions that happened where many sites are hosted in different IPs but same IP range, These sites were also related ones, they were related to one and other, finally google penalized them due to crosslinking between sites, Same Ip range I am talking something like,,,,

One client did this on his own server he crosslinked his related sites heavily almost referring to the other sites from almost all the pages of the other sites he had, and finally all his sites were penalized, none of them showed up even typing the domain name in the search bar,

so the problem here is cross linking, Not just cross linking from one page but cross linking heavily with sites in same Ip range,

Other things that might happen if one escapes cross linking with automated penality is google removing sites manually from the index if they get many complaints about one single person owning many domains and cross linking them,

I heard google guy say this once, they treat this tactic as a Super spam and will be ready to take immediately action when detected, But again it is very rare where people crosslinking sites heavily on their own server,

This is my understanding on crosslinking better stay away from all these stuff,

Don't participate in link schemes like links2you dot com designed to increase your site's ranking or PageRank. In particular, avoid links to web spammers or "bad neighborhoods" on the web as your own ranking may be affected adversely by those links.

Linking to a "bad neighbourhood" could eventually lead to your own page receiving a penalty.

Ok so what happens when we link to bad neighbourhood, Popular and verified predications

1. Googlebot will stop visiting your site or they come once in a while,

2. Your number of pages will drop from the google index from time to time and finally your whole site will be removed,

3. Your site Will be totally removed from the index automatically when google detects you do excessivive linking to bad neighbourhood for the purpose of increasing link popularity or PageRank,

4. I have seen one type one penalty in google for linking to bad or doubtful neighbourboods or spam site,
What they do they stop regular visits to the site, Instead of doing regular visits they will visit the site once in a while and index it, No ranking penalty nothing but only penalty is reduction of regular visits, Other type of penalty I saw google is showing towards doubtful sites is by not showing any fresh dates near the ranking result of the site,

SO it depends, better to be on the safer side and not to do any linking to bad neighbourhood You should be checking the status of the outbound link often,

There are many instances where google cannot pose a penalty just because they link to a bad neighbourhood,

For example take directories, a guy submits a site a person reviews the site, that time the site might be a great site and he accepts and includes the site in the directory, Ok then after 2 months that site is given to some Search engine spammer and he does all sort of spam and illegal techniques on the site, google picks this up and penalizes the site, So my question should the directory which is still holding a link to a penalized spam site should be penalized,
NO right, the person or company who runs the directory is innocent and they are not aware there is a spam site in their index, google will see all these things, that is why any spam technique you take it is very difficult to implement a penalty due to these type of reasons,

Have you seen the google directory, Some sites on the bottom of the directory are without any PageRank and are listed in the bottom, Most of the sites that are like that are in the penalized list by google ( some might not be ranked) , that doesnt mean that whole category is penalized that is what I meant before, it is very difficult to penalize a site because it links to bad neighbourhoods but it will hurt to some extend,


Guest book spamming, oops sorry guest book listing is just like a FFA links page, doesnt make any big difference,
Initially when PageRank was introduced people started FFA links page, loading the guest books to increase the link popularity and PageRank, But now google has woke up to the occasion and now they are ignoring most of the links,
IMO guestbook links are totally ignored by google, how they do possible by the guest book code, mostly guest book coding has a definete pattern even if they are different guest books, Better stop linking to a spam guest book and stop spamming them for links


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