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Programming Services

Seoandpromotion is also deals in custom software development located in Michigan (Michigan). We offer full cycle software programming services, from product development idea, offshore software development for outsourcing support. Seoandpromotion has large pool of experienced software developers. Our developers have deep technical knowledge of software development technologies. We are able to develop balance between product development efforts and project duration to your business needs.

Programming services of Seaoandpromotion-JAVA

If you are looking for java programming or programmer for project including creation and code development or testing services you will find them at Seoandpromotion. We have a large pool of independent java programmers to complete your project with best possible resources within given time framework. 

Java is an object-oriented, platform-independent, multithreaded programming technology. It is the foundation for web and network based services, applications, and platform independent desktop and other embedded services. The popularity of java comes due to its various advantages factor that it include its multi tier architecture or power from J2SE (core API) and many other factor that helps in reducing development time and cost.

Three main technology that java include:

J2SE technology-this is JAVA2 SDK, tools, runtime API for developer writing and running applets and application in the java programming language.

J2EE technology-this is used for combine a number of technology in one architecture with an application programming model and for building enterprise class for server side coding.

J2ME technology- it provides a highly optimized environment targeting mobile and cellular phones, screen phones programming called Micro edition.

Programming services of Seaoandpromotion-PHP

Seoandpromotion now offer PHP programming services to our clients that has us do there search engine optimization and marketing. Our outsourcing programming jobs and have ended up a building a team of experienced professional to service our clients need. 

Our programmers are trained to produce cross browser compatible, astatically pages. Our work is validated with w3c with the page layout using external CSS files, and only tabular data is put in tables. Our code is well documented and written using a custom MVC template system that made modification much easier.

PHP is a script language that is used primarily on Linux and Window web server. The acronym of PHP is stand for “Hypertext Preprocessor”. Seoandpromotion provides PHP programming for both new and existing dynamic websites running on the PHP, Apache and MySQL combination.

Our technical team is expertise in server side programming using PHP, to work with any database like MySQL, SQL, or Oracle. PHP is very powerful language that support different kind of things like generating thumbnail images from uploaded larger pictures and drawing graphs on a WebPages to running an E-commerce shopping cart system. Our PHP Programmers' team can program modify and recreate scripts or create your own efficient, database-driven custom web site's in PHP.

ASP (VBScript)

Active Server Pages (ASP) allows powerful web site development by combing programmatic code with standard HTML. It is commonly referred to as Server Side scripting language because the server executes the code and converts the instructions to HTML before sending output to the web browser.

ASP / VBScript is our primary programming platform. Our e-cart shopping cart system is a great example of what can be accomplished using ASP and VBScript.

. Net application development services.

NET is new technology for software development around which next generation product revolve, the essence of which include simplicity of project web development services, its safe functionality and easy integration of any software into the Internet. Dot net serves a basis for new programming language that already worked out ASP.NET, VB.NET, C# (C-Sharp), J#(Java Sharp) etc.

Our experienced .NET developer allows us to tackle all kind of client business challenge. Our talented developer with great technological base and approaches make our team an excellent choice for projects.

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