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SEO Home » Pay Per Click Services » Overture
Yahoo Search Marketing

Yahoo has come with its new pay per click product: Yahoo Search Marketing (formerly known as Overture and

The traffic reviewed from Yahoo Search Marketing tends to be much focused with a higher click to sales conversion than other search engines. seoandpromotion makes sure that the clicks you receive are from people who are actively searching for your product. This is much more attractive than passive banner ads where you are trying to appeal to people who may not be interested in you at that moment.


Yahoo places your bid at 1 penny over your next lowest competitor. Thus, if you bid $3.00 per click, and the next highest bid is $1.95 per click, you will only pay $1.96 per click.

Yahoo allows you to see who you are bidding against and what they are bidding, so you know exactly where you will rank, and how much you will pay.

Yahoo's maximum bid is $999.99
Yahoo's minimum bid is $0.10

Yahoo! Sponsored Search is the new name for what was recently called Overture Precision Match. Sponsored Search prominently displays your business in search results on some of the top U.S. search properties. With Sponsored Search, you set the price you are willing to pay for each customer who clicks on your listing.

If seoandpromotion creates a keyword campaign and your bid buys their "premium listings" (top 3 positions) for particular keywords or search phrases, your bid buys you top listings on Yahoo's partner sites (Yahoo, MSN, AltaVista, InfoSpace, Excite, AllTheWeb and a range of news and content portals, such as CNN).

For a monthly fee, listings can be automatically monitored using the Yahoo! Search Optimizer to ensure bid amounts are consistent to attain target positions without going over budget. Volume levels are determined by your budget, as you only pay for the traffic delivered.

With the large traffic numbers driven to your site via Yahoo! Sponsored Search, the costs of keyword bid campaigns can quickly add up, so seoandpromotion recommends deciding on a total budget so as to develop a cost effective keyword bid allocation and maintenance plan.

Yahoo Search Marketing also brings forth Content Match, which works, on the same principle as Yahoo! Sponsored Search. It offers advertisers access to more targeted customers on a pay-per-click basis by displaying their site listings alongside related articles, product reviews and other information on the Content Match partner network.

Yahoo! also offers a regionally-focused pay-per-click advertising option called Yahoo! Local Sponsored Search. It enables both online and offline businesses to potentially increase sales by precisely targeting customers in a specific geographic region. Local Sponsored Search works best for businesses that are targeting customers in their neighborhood seeking to purchase local products and services via a web site or physical store location.

Through Search Submit Express, Search engine submits can submit one or more of your web pages for consideration to appear in the algorithmic search results powered by the Yahoo! Search engine.
With all these options available, seoandpromotion formulates a perfect PPC management program, which yields you the maximum possible results.

SEO Home » Pay Per Click Services » Google Adwords

Pay Per Click Management

Though Google is not actually a pay per click search engine, Google does receive the broadest exposure of any search engine. While providing what some consider being the best search results on the market, Google produces the most sophisticated pay per click marketing program on the web, Google AdWords.


Google AdWords is a quick and simple way to purchase highly targeted cost-per-click (CPC) advertising, regardless of your budget. The Google AdWords search network includes distribution through America Online,Netscape Netcenter, The New York Times, CompuServe, Earthlink, AT&T Worldnet, AskJeeves and

When seoandpromotion creates an AdWords ad, we choose the right keywords for which your ad will appear and specify the maximum amount you are willing to pay for each click. You only pay when someone clicks on your ad. To save you even more money, AdWords Discounter automatically reduces the actual cost per click (CPC) you pay to the lowest cost needed to maintain your ad's position on the result page.

Google AdWords allow specific language and county targeting. In fact, your ads reach around 225 countries with six languages and can support six currencies. They also allow advertisers to specify where the ads display in Google search results and/or content relevant network sites. seoandpromotion assures you the desired result and the right customers.

Google AdWords is mathematically driven based on consumer driven relevancy. The AdWords price is a function of cost per click ad relevancy (based on click through rate.)

When Overture (now Yahoo search marketing) takes a few days to set up an account - Google is almost instant (Less than 5 minutes). Google AdWords does not require a physical address. However, it does require a website. Google only costs $5 to open an account. Overture costs $50 and has a $20 monthly minimum spend.

Google allows syndication to be turned on or off so that your ad can appear in front of just Google users or AOL users too. Since Overture drives most their traffic through partner sites, they do not have a feature that allows you to turn search partner syndication off.

Google has automatic approval of all ads and it will list them as long as they follow the guidelines. seoandpromotion makes your pay per click campaign successful and profitable.

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