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SEO Home » Shopping Cart Custumization » Find What
Find What

FindWhat is one of the top pay per click services offering ease of advertiser usability, high value per click and having targeted traffic. Its core services help online businesses throughout the customer lifecycle to reach prospects, convert those prospects to customers and retain those customers through retention-based marketing strategies. The delivery network includes portals with search engines on CNET's, Webcrawler, Dogpile,, NBCi, Go2Net and Microsoft Internet
Explorer Autosearch.

Bids are managed through two tools, AutoBid and BidOptimizer. AutoBid ensures the lowest price for the best position automatically. Advertisers set the maximum bid price and the rest is managed continuously in accordance with this limit. BidOptimizer ensures the Keywords are positioned where desired, first, second, third fourth or fifth in ranking. Maximum bid prices also apply, so if the desired position requires a higher fee than set, we gain the next best ranking. FindWhat protects advertisers by immediately addressing questionable or unqualified activity, compensating advertisers accordingly. FindWhat has no minimum monthly advertising spend. Accounts require a minimum, non-refundable
deposit of $25, while minimum bidding is five cents.

FindWhat account manager allows advertisers the control needed over bid management; post-click analysis (AdAnalyzer), keyword adding and updating, limiting budget spend, report generation and traffic generation. CruiseControl automated bid management tools optimize keywords to high traffic and low price, uncover return on advertising investment, schedule, turn on or turn off ads and replenish the account for unlimited or maximum ad spend. FindWhat also offers ad development services through BusinessBuilder. FindWhat requires up to three days to review keywords.

SEO Home » Shopping Cart Custumization » LookSmart

Looksmart ads can reach a wide section of the Internet users. Its distribution partners include Lycos, Infospace Network, CNET, Cox Interactive, and Apple's Sherlock.
LookSmart requires a $15 minimum monthly spend with minimum keyword bidding starting at ten cents, but depends on the category the products or offering relates to.

Looksmart has two targeting options- keyword targeting and inclusion targeting. Keyword-targeted listings are placed by priority in sponsored search results. Placement of keyword-targeted listings within the Sponsored search results depends on CTR and the Max CPC for a listing's campaign. In inclusion targeting, listings are listed and ranked in the main section of search result pages across the LookSmart Network based solely on their relevance to a user's search query. These may appear in the Sponsored Results section at the top of the page on

LookSmart also has some additional management tools such as tracking, reporting and keyword selection tools. There is also no extra charge to add or update your listings or keywords.

Looksmart has the following minimum rates:

Inclusion targeting - $0.15
Keyword targeting - $0.10
Minimum monthly spend - $15

As with most other pay per click services, use of superlatives is not allowed unless verified by a third party. There must be a clear and obvious connection between the keyword phrase and the content or purpose of the destination page. It must be apparent that the level of service or product implied by the keyword is offered on the site.

SEO Home » PayPer Click Services » Kanoodle
KANOODLE has affiliate distribution agreements with,, and in the pay per click services market. Kanoodle directs a fair amount of quality targeted traffic to highly searched or top tiered keywords.

Another distinguishing feature of Kanoodle is that they provide free banner impressions to the top bidder. Their ContextTarget gives you the option of choosing the contextual categories in contextual advertising. With the Autoscheduler you are able to make your listings go live or dead at any time at the required times.

BehaviorTarget enables Kanoodle to identify and build audience segments based on user behavior activity. As a result advertisers are able to target their sponsored links campaigns to reach their customers based on past Web behavior. Kanoodle also has a Keyword suggestion tool. The Search Spy tool allows an advertiser to see what is being searched real time.

The minimum bid for Kanoodle ads is $0.05. One of the major drawbacks of this pay per click service is that second tier keywords get minimal search. To make up for this you can display your logo along with your listing.

Keyword Metrics provides you with the search and click statistics by keyword for the previous month. This enables you to make any changes if necessary in your listings.
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