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link popularity

Link Popularity refers to the number of links pointing to your site, from other sites on the web. Today search engines are on highest growth in the sources of web traffic, search engine algorithms have started to rank sites on the basic of quantity and quality of incoming links to your site from other sites. If there are more incoming links to your site, more traffic will be created and your page range will be increases automatically.

Link popularity plays a great role for obtaining high page ranking, so it is necessary that web sites having your link must be relevant with your website motive. SEO and Promotion provides link-building services in an attractive manner with its adequate features. We use appropriate title, description, keywords, anchor text according to the theme of the your site to create the links. Our link building strategy is fully devoted to maintain the relevancy and natural link building.

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The number of websites that link to your website is one of the major factor that helps the search engines to determine your relevancy for a targeted search term. Link popularity and gaining new links from other websites to your website has played a important role for people seeking to improve their search engine rankings by their valuable efforts.

Link popularity is very important when we talk about today's search engine market. Most of the top search engines consider incoming links on your site as an important factor for high ranking. Especially the number #1 search engine Google gives a lot of importance to incoming links to your site, so when it comes to Search Engine Optimization link popularity is very important.

In Search Engine Optimization it is necessary to get natural links from everyone. There are two ways for this - buying links or adding reciprocal links. But buying links is costly in the search engine optimization. So usually we prefer adding reciprocal links on our site to get our link on another relevant sites.

Search engine optimization considers relevant links on your site from other sites, a great factor for high page rank and traffic to your site. You must work on the appropriate category and nature of the other site relevant to your site for link building. So it is better to be on the safer side and not to do any linking to bad neighborhood. Also check the status of the placed link regularly because some websites removes your link after placing their link on your site.

If you have ever seen Google directory then you may find some sites bottom of the directory without any page rank. These sites may be spam sites or penalized by Google directory. So keep your eyes open to place another sites link on your site or requesting to place your link on another sites because your link on penalized sites may affect targeted traffic towards your site.

The process of reciprocal link exchanging is looking for the suitable sites, contact with the webmasters and agreement for the reciprocal link exchange, updating of links page and continue monitoring of your link partners link page. We find the reciprocal link partner, which are based on your site relevant category and post your link on those websites. You have to place link back to those sites on your websites.

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