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BPO | Business Process Outsourcing Company | Business Process Outsourcing Solution | Business Process Outsourcing Services | Offshore Business Process Outsourcing

Business Process Outsourcing

Rearrangement of entire business functions to some other service providers is called Business Processing Outsourcing (BPO). BPO uses specialized people or companies outside the main business area. The service provider should be mainly low cost locations. This relocation or contracting out of business processes to an outside provider is mainly to achieve increased shareholder value. BPO involves two main functions business process management and outsourcing. Business process management is the process of removing redundancies, and reduces unnecessary steps. While in outsourcing dedicated outside expertise and resources are used to perform activities. In BPOs both the functions are implemented at the same time. So that more profit can be earned.

A good example of BPO is call centers of large companies located in different parts of world. The companies which have their call centers, call enquiries are routed to them, and the call centers handle these calls for the company as if they are within the main company.

BPO can be classified into three main categories first one is offshore outsourcing when BPO is constructed outside the country then it is called offshore outsourcing, second is nearshore outsourcing when BPO is constructed neighboring country it is called nearshore outsourcing, and when BPO is constructed within the country it is called onshore outsourcing which is the third type of BPO.

Michigan is going very fast in the field of call centers, because of high unemployment in Michigan. Compared to Western countries salaries are very low in Michigan, and Michigan has a large number of English speaking graduates. So the western countries are giving priority to Michigan. Michiganns are working for long hours in call centers for very lows wages.


seoandpromotion is striving to improve the quality of the BPO services offered to its customers. As of now we offer a complete range of Business process outsourcing services covering all 5 levels: 

Data entry
Decision making
Rules set processing
Direct customer interface
Expert knowledge services

The major benefits to our customers include:

The fastness and efficiency with which we execute the solutions
Our innovative ways in executing these billing solutions
Our compliance to client requirements
The cost effective services that are adopted by us are in keeping with the latest available technology and reduces labor costs as far as possible.


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