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SEO and Promotion Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Plans:

SEO and Promotion's Platinum Plan

SEO and Promotion's Platinum Plan Futures

SEO and Promotion's Platinum Plan

Website Analysis Whole Site Validate
Search Engines 300 including
Yahoo, Google and MSN
Ranking Reports


No. Of Keywords


Keywords Searching

 Using Best Keyword Search Tools


Whole Website with websites limited dynamic Pages

Directory Submission


Link Building


Extra Pages Development with rich contents


Visitor Traffic Guaranteed


Image Optimization

All Images

Technical Support

100 %

24/7 Phone Support

8 Hours

Optimized Pages Backup

Via E-Mail

Online Support

8 Hour


One year



Key words Search for Best SEO Results
We are using powerful tools like Google adwords, overture and word tracker for keyword research: -

Keyword research is an important part of search engine optimization. The basic theme behind the keyword research is to find appropriated keywords related to our content and domain. Many search engines use particular keywords to search for particular topic, in this situation the domains having related content and keywords with the search engines keywords are displayed on the top. So we use the most appropriated keywords related to our content by using powerful keyword research tools like Google adwords, overture and word tracker.

Google generates potential keywords and reports their Google statistics, search performance and seasonal trends. Overture gives similar data which are used in previous months, it also generates keep tracks for average per our, per day searches on particular keyword. Word tracker suggests keywords from 300 million keywords and phrases searched by the people in previous three months.

Using these keyword suggestion tools we find the most appropriated keywords related to our content, because content relevancy is the most important factor for the search engines to search particular keywords.

SEO consulting services

An SEO company must have a strong search engine optimization strategy maintained regularly. We have SEO consulting services to review your resources, strategies and suggest you to make any adjustment in your website. We go through all the factors on your website related to the page design, content of the pages, keywords, link building etc. You just need to tell us your requirements and expectations to us and we will help you to get that in the most effective and easiest way. We will provide you the effective ways to return maximum return on your investment with your priceless efforts. 

SEO and Promotion provides email and telephonic support for its SEO consulting services. Consulting via email may response in maximum two business days for any type of query related to search engine optimization for your project.

Guaranteed top placement in search engines

To get more attention and more traffic towards your websites it is necessary to find your website on the top listing of the most popular search engines like Google, Yahoo and many more. Better placement among your competitors provide an extra edge over them and this definitely help you to get more traffic towards your website. SEO and Promotion ensure you to provide guaranteed placement in the top listing of the search engines like Google, Yahoo with its targeted efforts.

Link Popularity

Today search engines are on highest growth in the sources of web traffic, search engine algorithms have started to rank sites on the basic of quantity and quality of incoming links to your site from other sites. If there are more incoming links to your site, more traffic will be created and your page range will be increases automatically. Mainly two methods can be used for link building popularity are link exchange and one-way linking. Link exchange means we provide another sites link or reciprocal link on our site’s link page and request to put our link. In one-way linking we need not to put another site’s link to build our link on another sites.

 Some of the techniques we follow in One way link building for your site are,
a) Submitting your site to Free Directories,
b) Buying relevant text link Advertisements from established sites in your industry,
c) Writing articles and submitting to various sites for publishing to increase link popularity of your site,
d) Press releases to increase link popularity,
e) Sending requests to established sites explaining about the site quality and asking for links,
We maintain our link partner’s database and keep track of fraud link partners who delete your link after placing their link on your site. The relevancy in link building is most important factor and we ensure you to provide your links on relevant sites in the most effective and cheapest way.
Comprehensive Monthly Ranking Reports

We keep track of all the events, which happens with your site, related to search engines. It is necessary to maintain your ranking regularly because of inconsistent behavior of search engine while crawling the web pages. We provide you monthly ranking report including information about your sites current ranking, any changes to make in your site and the reason for the changes. These monthly ranking reports help you to maintain your site’s quality and traffic by regularly updating your site to get maximum results.

Keyword Optimization (Number of minimum targeted words)

One of the important factor of search engine optimization is to find out the relevant keywords with the content of the website. After finding out the relevant keywords we have to optimize our keywords because of minimum number of targeted keywords. Keyword optimization is the art of choosing most appropriated keywords from the chosen relevant keywords is the most important process in the search engine optimization. Keyword optimization means the most relevant keywords according to your site’s content, title, and domain. We make sure about the relevancy of keywords with the latest search engine algorithms to get better placement in the most popular search engines like Google, Yahoo etc

Extensive Competitive Analysis for better search engine ranking performance

When you talk about search engine optimization then it is not enough to optimize your site internally only. You must keep record of all your competitors who are having high page ranks with more incoming links, appropriate use of anchor tags in their sites. We must study the keywords, the words used in hyperlinks, and other factors. The quantity of incoming links is not only criteria for high page ranks, the quality and relevancy are the great factor to increase your page rank sites and having these competitors can out you.

We know that Google currently holds the #1 spot among all search engines. It wasn't that long ago when Yahoo was king and Google was yet to be born. So it is necessary to keep eyes on your competitors for survival in the search engines world. We provide you extensive competitive analysis report for better search engine ranking performance, which helps you to maintain your ranking high in the search engines.

Technical Support

Technical support services refer to help users to solve specific problems with a product only, rather than providing training, customization or other support services. We provide technical services on our product in efficient manner. Our technical support team is highly dedicated to provide any type of technical services about the product. We use all possible media to provide you better services like phone support, email support, voice chat, etc. By contacting email you definitely receive our response within 3 hours. Our technical support services are available 24 hours a day 7 hours a week.

24/7 Phone support and online support

When you attempt to solve your problem instantly then phone support or online support is best choice. Our search engine optimization professionals are highly dedicated to provide best services instantly through phone support, live chat and email. We are ready to consider your any type of query about the product by telephonic support or online support. This technical support facility is available at any time 24 hours a day 7 hours a week.

Spell Checking

Today scenario search engines started to move towards semantic algorithms and spell checking is becoming necessity for the sites. Checking the spelling of the text on your web site is very important, it ensure good content accessibility and readability for your users, and better crawling and indexing for search engines.

Recent studies are indicating that search engines rank web sites higher when they are free from spelling errors. The higher search engine rankings results in increased traffic and more potential customers.

With proper spelling, your web site will make a good impression and will increase your on-line business credibility, both of which are very critical factors for increasing your business revenues.

SEO and Promotion provides you guaranteed additional spell check services for your website content for better accessibility and readability for the users and better crawling and indexing for search engines.

SEO Copywriting

In general SEO copywriting is to provide informative, keyphrase rich text for both the search engines and your users. Search engine copywriting is a technique to write the viewable text on the web pages in such a manner that it seems attractive for the surfer and target some specific terms for the search engines. The main aim of SEO copywriting is to get high ranking in search engines targeted for some specific terms. SEO copywriting is targeted to make regular changes in the website page content, design, title, keywords, anchor tags, headings when needed. SEO and Promotion ensure you to provide attractive text on your websites for surfers and targeted to some specific search terms for search engine. The relevancy increases the rankings in the search engines, which is our only aim for our customers’ site. 

Image Optimization

Search engine optimization has a significant role of image optimization for SEO people. It is noted that search engines are unable to read text in the images but there are many factors, which are used for image optimization. Image quality, image formatting, image naming can be considered for image optimization. For SEO purpose mainly image alt tag and alternate tags are used to describe image. It is also useful when using only text displayed browsers, alt tags can describe images. This all helps in get higher ranks in the search engines. SEO and Promotion mainly uses alt tag and alternate text for image optimization. This all exercise for image optimization helps your website to get better page ranking and high indexing in the search engines. 

Creation of Meta Information's (title, keywords, description)

Meta information's are mainly used to provide a high level summary of the information contained in the web page. If any software, which just wants to get summary of a web page then, it is only to retrieve the header section and displays Meta information's only reducing time required accessing the information via networks. Meta information's also provide well-defined attributes or categories about a page, which can be readily compiled into indexes such as search engines. The Meta tag has three possible attributes content, http-equiv, and name.

There are 3 important types of Meta tags as far as Search Engine Optimization is concerned:
Title Tag
Title tag is not included in the Meta information but it plays important role in search engine optimization to get easy indexing. SEO and Promotion pay lot of attention to create title by using words and phrases those are most relevant to our content and get high listing in search engines. 
Meta Description Tag

The most concise summary of website content is placed in the Meta description. In Meta description all the most relevant phrase are used in the short covering the whole content. SEO and Promotion ensures that the Meta description tag is brief according to limitation decided by most popular search engines but with all the keywords included and also that it is different and customized for each page.

Meta Keywords Tag

We create the Meta keywords tag for your website with a minimum of 15 non-repetitive, competent keywords. We ensure to get your site ranked among the top sites by using the most relevant keywords.

Hand Submission to Dmoz directory

Dmoz directory is the biggest directory on the web world and for any website inclusion in it is a most valuable results of their efforts. The inclusion criteria of Dmoz directory are very typical and we have to consider many factors before submitting our web site to the Dmoz directory. Dmoz directory check the entire website content, design, links before inclusion. If Dmoz directory once rejects your submission then it is very difficult to get ranking in the search engines. We have fully realized the importance of inclusion of web sites into Dmoz directory and our software professional work hard on the factors that help to include your site into Dmoz directory. Many sites uses Dmoz database to create their own directories and all this process increases your link popularity resulting into high ranking into search engines.

Dmoz title and description optimization and submission

Dmoz directory is the greatest directory in the web world; Dmoz directory powers the important directories like Google and thousands of other smaller directories. Search engine feel most appropriated directory for the expert listing which is a collection of links without having any affiliated link in it. Professional human editors with a high level of care and patience check the sites to avoid spam sites being included in the Dmoz directory. Sites included into Dmoz directory have valuable results from the search engines. SEO and Promotion do hand submission to Dmoz directory by fully optimizing the title and description. The inclusion in Dmoz directory fully depends on the category you selected for submission of your site. Active category checks the sites in few days and response as soon as possible. An inactive category may take long time to response about the inclusion. Before submitting your site to Dmoz directory we keep sharp eyes on the optimization of your site’s title and description and do hand submission.

Website Usability Analysis

The usability of a website is considered to be very low when the navigator is unable to find the information it is looking for. When this happens you are losing business and customers. SEO and Promotion usability analysis experts ensures you that your site is easily navigated, best for all type of users which in turn provides the best results by more traffic on your site.

Creation of robot files

The robot file is the first file search engine “spiders” look when indexing a website. The robot file tells search engine robots to which files and directories they are not allowed to access. These robot files helps to prevent indexing incomplete sites and the directories or sites, which you don’t want to list. SEO and Promotion pay lot of attention while creating robots because search engines uses robot file first to crawl any website. 

Resubmitting sites to search engines if needed

We should be aware with the fact that nothing is permanent in the search engines world. Some search engines are not too active while crawling sites. These inactive search engines sometime may unable to crawl your site or can delete old sites from their database. In this situation resubmission is only choice for this type of search engines. SEO and Promotion keep track of your sites into these search engines and resubmit your site if needed to remain your site fresh into indexing.

Submission of sites to important paid directories

Some times for a particular sites submission to free directories is not sufficient for link popularity and to get targeted directories. In this situation we take services of some lowest paid directories, which passes high quality traffic, providing high page ranking and link popularity to our site. SEO and Promotion submits your sites to some of quality paid directories with optimized title and description to get targeted traffic, high page ranking and link popularity for your sites. 

MOD_Rewrite / URL rewriting technique for dynamic sites to get better crawling by search engines

Many search engines feel uncomfortable while crawling some dynamic URLs, which includes multiple query strings. To solve this problem we are using called MOD_Rewrite to rewrite URLs to make them search engine friendly. We apply this service to dynamic sites, which deals with the lot of products and too much complex transaction.

Buying text link advertisements from relevant sites to increase the link popularity

Today search engines consider anchor text in inbound links from established relevant sites a major role in the ranking algorithm. Appropriate relevant anchor text will bring targeted traffic as well as good exposure to visiting search engines. Search Engines are highly moving towards link algorithms and we make sure that we are up to the mark by placing the links on good-targeted sites. These services definitely help you to get more traffic towards your site having a little bit of cost involve with it. 

Contract signed for search engine placements for your site

We signed up contracts for the placements of your sites to the search engines for the long time half yearly or yearly basis. We are trusted SEO company providing better services in the field of search engine optimization. Our CEO signs our contracts and you can trust upon our valuable efforts and services.

Website Load time checking with customized tools

Some websites take too much time in loading due to improper designing or improper use of images, content in it. These website take too much time in loading when search engine crawl them. The search engines usually don’t prefer this type of sites and drop from the top index. The search engines index these sites in lower indexing and the site get a great reduction in the targeted traffic. SEO and Promotion provides loading time checking facility for your website by customized tools and helps to improve your site quality and traffic by minimizing its loading time.

Site submission by hand to all the major search engines

Websites are not always called by their links. There are many smaller search engines not able to crawl the websites by their links. These smaller search some time may create targeted traffic towards your website and require manual submission to get site included in their listing. We are highly dedicated to submit your site to those search engines, which don’t use the link crawler to find the sites.

Quality site map for better crawling
There may be some sites very large in size and having problem in proper crawling capabilities. Some sites may have script menus or mouseover, flash etc. Search engines usually face problem in crawling these sites because search engines prefer simple text links or links on images. We make sure to provide a better site map on your site containing address of all the pages in straightforward text links and anchor text to make your website’s pages easy to crawl.
Search Engine Algorithm Updates
We know very well that nothing is permanent in the search engines world. You must be update yourself for survival in the competitive market. At this time hundred of new search engines are coming everyday to increase competition in the search engine market. To withstand in this competition by maintaining their position Search Engines are keeping track on their algorithms regularly. They keep changing their algorithm to stand the tough competitive market, To keep up to this trend search engines update their ranking algorithm to find the most relevant document for the query, Google the No.1 search engine is known to do update minor changes to their algorithm at least 10 times per month, We at SEO and Promotion have dedicated algorithm experts to analyze changes in the search engines algorithm and do changes to the pages accordingly to remain in the competition in the searching world.
Guaranteed Website Inclusion into Google Search Engine
Today the Google search engine covers sixty percent search engine market, we provide guarantee inclusion into the No.1 search engine Google. We will make sure your site is not involved in any bad ethics and is perfectly placed in the Google search engine results to get targeted traffic to your site for better results with our valuable efforts.
100% Guaranteed Uptime during site Modifications

Once you have loaded your site and if there is enough number of visitors on your site then it is difficult to stop displaying your site while doing some modifications in it. We guarantee 100% uptime of site during all modifications done by us to your site, We have worked with large ecommerce sites with 1000s of unique visitors per day and we have made it sure we don’t do any mess up with the site, We take all precautions during modifications and we also make sure we have latest copy in all our systems.

Quality backups of Optimized pages and site

We provide full guarantee for review your sites by preserving your site or pages for long period. We take multiple backups of all sites we are optimizing; we store the backups in high quality Cds, DVDs to make sure they are preserved.

Yahoo Directory Inclusion

After the Google the high-ranking directory in search engine market is Yahoo directory having thousands of visitors everyday. A listing in yahoo directory will definitely get targeted traffic towards your site and a great exposure to its visitors. Yahoo directory is a paid directory charging 299$ per year to include your listing in the directory. This is what they say on their site about express inclusion in yahoo directory.

Before including in its directory yahoo consider many factors like your site should not have adult content or services. The Yahoo! Express service costs US$299(nonrefundable) for each Directory listing that is submitted. Furthermore, for each listing accepted into the Directory, there is a recurring annual fee of US$299 to maintain the listing in the Directory for the subsequent year.

Website Analysis

SEO and Promotion is currently offering a website analysis package as part of the website marketing campaign to determine the sites capabilities for Search Engine Optimization and Pay Per Click services. We do in-depth website analysis and provide a detailed report on what has to be done to the site for survival in the competitive world. We will then implement all the changes needed to the site to get all the search engine optimization features like more incoming links from relevant quality sites, high page rank and targeted traffic.

HTML Validation Checking

There are some sites having error in HTML code or coded badly. These may be due to improper use of opening and closing tags or due to many more reasons occurring at the time of running the web pages. It is a big block for visiting crawlers and that why unable to crawl the websites having errors in their HTML code. We do HTML validation for sites that needs it, we record those pages and make then search engine friendly by verifying and modifying their code.

Browser Compatibility check

It is not enough to make our site search engine friendly only to implement all the search engine optimization features. Users should be an important consideration while optimizing your site. You must check your site’s visibility in all the available browsers, it should be unique in all browsers. We check the site in all the available browsers like Opera, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Neoplanet browser, AOL Browser, Netscape Browser etc.

Hand submission to free inclusion directories

Link building plays an important role in Search Engine Optimization, Relevant links from sites always matter and will continue to provide better results by more traffic on your site. Directories play a major role by keeping quality links. Search engines always consider links from directories as a good vote for a site, not all links are created equal importance. There are some situations when some links are given a little bit more priority. For example a link from dmoz or yahoo directory is having high priority than a link from some new directory, so links are very important in SEO implementation. There are around 52 directories we know of and we make sure your site is submitted to all those directories, Most of the hand submission to these directories is subject to manual review and an inclusion depends on when the directory volunteer reviewer reviews the site and adds it to their directory.

Extensive Log file analysis

Web analytics by log file analysis is the measurement of the behavior of visitors to a website or web application. In a commercial context, it especially refers to the measurement of which aspects of the website work towards the business objectives; for example, which landing pages encourage people to make a purchase. Many different vendors provide web analytics software and services.

Tracking the landing pages for the appropriate keyword is very important; if a keyword converts well in the search engine crawling then there is no need to change it. We have to make sure that the page ranking for that keyword and keyword phrase is well prepared for an effective conversion, we at SEO and Promotion are bound to make that happen by updating keywords regularly and keep tracking of all the events like per day hits on the site, traffic analysis etc.

Re-optimization of sites

The search engine algorithms are changing regularly for their survival in the competitive market. To make sure your site is up to date with the ever-changing search engine algorithms, it is important that we constantly review certain pages so that we can rank for the necessary keywords; this in one important reason why we say SEO is a long-term commitment.

Reciprocal link building

To become a successful on the Internet means having people find your website or it is visible in the major search engine list.
Building links through reciprocal link exchange is a simple yet a very powerful tool for the website promotion. If done correctly, it increase your linkage
• Increase your traffic significantly
• Provide an added resource to your website
• Improve your visibility in the search engines by raising your link popularity
To get high rank position listing with search engines and more traffic to your website it required to work out a focused linking strategy to establish linking popularity on the Internet. Higher the quality of incoming links better the search engine ranking and Internet traffic.

There are thousands of sites on the Internet, it takes time and efforts to link exchange with the sites that are relevant your website subject to maintain the interest of your visitors. These all requires a lot of time and efforts. The process of reciprocal link exchanging is looking for a suitable sites, contact with the webmasters and agreement for the reciprocal link exchange, updating of links page monitoring the link exchange is time consuming and laborious. We find the reciprocal link partner, which based on your site relevant category and post your link on those websites. You have to place link back of those sites on your websites.

Froogle feeds for shopping sites (Optional only for ecommerce sites and extra price will be charged):

Froogle is a service from Google’s shopping portal. Froogle's merchant program is free; all you need to do is submit your product data feed to them. One of the keys to success in getting visitors from Google is submitting the best product information to Froogle. SEO and Promotion helps you: -

• Create your own Froogle account.
• Create your own data feed from the product information.
• Verify your data to make sure that your listing is accurate.
• Submit to Froogle and make sure that your data is listed on Froogle.
• We also re-submit every 15 days to make sure that the latest information about your product is available.

BizRate feed for shopping sites (Optional only for ecommerce sites and extra price will be charged)

BizRates strengths are its advanced research features and ratings capabilities. In early October of this year, the BizRate had 33,000 merchants listed for which it provided product information. BizRate provides more products data than any other comparison-shopping site and claims it looks at an average of 20,000 surveys on each merchant before they issue a rating. BizRate accepts merchant feeds in a paid placement environment and provides information on paid retailers and those who do not pay commissions to BizRate. SEO and Promotion helps you in a efficient manner to:

• Create your own BizRate account
• Create your own data feed from the product information
• Verify your data to make sure that your listing is accurate
• Submit to BizRate and make sure that your data is listed on BizRate
• We also re-submit every 15 days to make sure that the latest information about your product is available
Yahoo Shopping Feeds (Optional only for ecommerce sites and extra price will be charged)

Yahoo shopping feed creation and management through Shop Tracker, the comparison-shopping feed solution by SearchMarketingTools.Shop Tracker is SMT's automated shopping feed management system. The tool allows for bidding on the product level, competitor product price comparison, and profitability reporting at the product level, and accurate categorization, all from one interface. SEO and Promotion helps you:

• Create your own Yahoo account

• Create your own data feed from the product information

• Verify your data to make sure that your listing is accurate

• Submit to Yahoo and make sure that your data is listed on Yahoo

• We also re-submit every 15 days to make sure that the latest information about your product is available. Data feed Optimization (Optional only for ecommerce sites and extra price will be charged)

Price comparison web sites use "data feed" to add new stores and products to their database. Being listed with them can dramatically boost your sales, providing you are the kind of online merchant who stays on top of the selling process, updating your site, adding & promoting new products, adjusting your prices... etc.

These "data feeds" contain information about your products (product name, price, manufacturer, sku, weight, description...). They can be created manually using an Excel spreadsheet but when you are handling a web product database with dozen or hundreds of products, "data feeds" can also be automatically generated at anytime from the live web database, automatically showing the latest prices, descriptions... etc. for each product, in one easy step. These feeds can then be submitted repeatedly with your latest updates and new additions.

We are here to help you understand how price comparison web sites work since they do not all operate exactly in the same way and will not all have the same results on your sales. Generating the "data feeds" needs to be done in compliance with their requirements. Ask us for a free consultation and evaluation based on your own web site and product catalog.

Eopinion Data feed Optimization (Optional only for ecommerce sites and extra price will be charged)

Creating a data feed is not a very easy job because different formats and different specifications are required for each shopping comparison site. This is where SEO and Promotion comes into action. Data feed optimization is also as important as creating data feeds. We optimize the data feeds by writing carefully, selectively key worded product titles and description and according to the specifications of Eopinion.

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